are there times in your history, if we can be honest with ourselves, that we exhibited a lack of faith?  i mean if we can really be honest with ourselves…

as we look backward & see clearly that we should have done this or gone there but it was a lacking in our belief that God was handling all the details.  and some of this is reflected in our prayer life.  i’ve come to realize that there are some significant things that happen when we begin to pray…really pray fervently for what GOD wants, not just our wish list of what would be best for us & our lives.


we entrust ourselves to God – and we entrust others to God

ENTRUSTING OURSELVES:  when we truly do this it removes our need to worry & fret over what may come tomorrow.  when we stop worrying about tomorrow we’re able to live in today, to be present.  present with God & present with others.

ENTRUSTING OTHERS:  when we entrust others to God it removes our desire to control the action & activity of those around us.  let’s be honest here [if we can].  when we see someone that we love doing something that we don’t agree with [lifestyle choice, friendship decision, etc.] we want to change that.  because, after all, we usually believe that we know what’s best.  as a parent i hope i do know what’s best for my kids & i do want to control their activity.  but when they become adults, and even before then, my control over what they do will become more and more limited.  ultimately i have to come to the realization that i can’t control all they do & that God is supreme over all things.  even the bad choices that my kids may make.

so when we entrust ourselves & others to God, through the way we pray things can begin to happen in our lives.  we begin to behave differently & our faith is expressed in new ways.  we are less inclined to use phrases like:

we’re just not ready.

i don’t know if we have enough?

when we’ve paid that off, then we’ll do…

when God invites us to do something, shift a thing that’s been in place for a long time, make a change [significant or small] we need to remember that He isn’t asking us to hold the whole thing on our own.  He’s inviting us to join Him in something He’s already doing.

[reference to this kind of life can be found in matthew 6 & 7]

so, a couple of questions before you go:

what excuses have you made for a lack of faith?

can we even admit our lack of faith?

what might God be inviting you into that you’ve been putting off?