so over the weekend, with lots going on [Christmas event to attend, events to plan for, dinner with friends, etc., etc.] i’ve really been thinking about that ‘next future’ thing for the church.

i can’t seem to get away from the thought of how Jesus spent His time & whom He spent time with. much of the time He’s with those that are on the edges & seemingly unimportant; those that don’t appear to have much to contribute to society.
if this is the posture of Jesus why do we feel so, @ times, detached from those that are in need? true, it’s easier to just go back to what we’re used to & what doesn’t make us feel uncomfortable. to ignore the need & hurt that’s right in front of us.

the growing gap between those that have & those that have-not is growing. i’ve become increasingly aware of that fact. just look at the news & there seems to be a regular stream of those that are living out of their cars, loosing their homes, kids & parents that don’t have enough to eat. the need is great.
yes, we could debate all day long about what people have done to themselves in buying too much, owning too big a home, having too many toys & loosing it all. we all have to answer for the decisions we’ve made & continue to make. but my greater job as a Christ-follower is to help meet the need.

so, in order to meet the need i have to be willing to see the need.

n.t. – Jesus gets out of the boat & sees the people & has compassion on them. [mt.14:14]. there was something about the way He sees them that causes Him to act. unless we begin to see people the way Jesus saw people we won’t begin to do the kind of things that Jesus does.
the practice here is to begin to look at people the way that Jesus did, with eyes of compassion & a desire to help.