recently we’ve been working through what it means to be generous & how how closely a life of grace/graceful living is tied to our generosity.  and let’s be clear, generosity isn’t just about your money.  that’s a component, but it’s not the whole story.

so this line of thinking, conversation & teaching connects to another thing that i’ve been writing about here, and that is the idea/way of living; “doing dumb things”.

this is something that’s been brewing in me for the past couple of years & i’m beginning to get it out in a couple of different venues.

the premise here of doing dumb things is about the things that God calls us to do that look to those outside of relationship with God to be dumb.  they don’t make sense financially, don’t have the resources, don’t have the talent, don’t have the personnel.  if you’ll indulge me, that list reminds me of the time elaine runs the peterman catalog & puts the urban sombrero on the cover.  jerry then reminds her that she had “no brains, no ability, no training.”  essentially saying that she had no business doing what she was doing.

anyways, back to dumb things…

the call of God on our lives to pursue, to go, to do certain things is going to land us in places that are way over our head; and that’s by His design.

in the underlying tones of doing dumb things is the activity of generosity.  i am a firm believer that God, when active in our hearts, is calling us to give more of ourselves away; to be generous with all that we are.

through this recent teaching series 3 things showed up right away in relation to our generosity & the activity of God’s people

grace shows up in the people of God when we:

walk in humility

turn toward the hurting & oppressed

die to self

if you’ve been following Jesus very long at all there’s nothing new here.  but when we consider how these reflect weather or not we’re living generous lives, that may be some new territory in our hearts.

now the reason that this works into the “doing dumb things” issue is this;

when we respond to the call of God on our lives individually & as a church body God will call us, push us, urge us to give away what we have in ways that to the one not connected to God is going to look at & ask “what the heck do you think you’re doing?”  and it may not be in that soft a language.

and their question from a self-preservation line of thinking makes a lot of sense.  but when we get our moved by the the Spirit of God all of the common sense in the world, guided & defined by the world doesn’t come into play.

i have come to fully believe that the grace we exhibit to others is reflected in our ability to be generous with all that we have been given; talents, time, finances & more.  God is going to ask you to be more generous than you & have thought possible, and it’s going to be a beautiful thing when we respond to the invitation & the graceful nature of our hearts is revealed.