so last week i just finished teaching on some of the dominant metaphors in the bible.  we talked about 4 pictures; sheep, the harvest, milk & honey & the last piece was the vineyard.

within that final chapter of the series there was something powerful that occurred to me, something that i haven’t been able to get away from this week; and that was the part about fallow ground.  that is, ground that hasn’t been planted for a season, giving it time to rest.

when the ground has been able to rest it experiences a sort of rejuvenation, nutrients are able to recover & the health of the next planting is that much greater.

wow, does that speak to me!

this fall has been a series of races from one thing/place/event to another.  with kids involved in sports & extra-curricula’rs it can be hard to make space to rest & be still; and yet that’s exactly what is needed.

when i find myself with little-to-no down time everything suffers.  sure, i may be able to accomplish a lot & be in many places, but the quality of those “things done” suffers.  so it becomes important to say “no” to the right things.  this quickly becomes an issue of self-discipline & an awareness of life to gauge the things that are most important.

it’s also about realizing that life is lived in seasons…

i know right now, as i have one in high school & one nearing jr.high, that my time needs to be spent investing in their lives.  meaning they get the best of my attention & time.  that means some days are long & many miles are logged.  and if you’ve already been through this stage of life you’ve experiences the phrase “you can rest when you’re dead!”   it truly feels that way some days.

what i think i’m realizing is that within this “seasonal living” approach is that there are some things in my life

[things i would choose to do with my saturday]

& in ministry life

[things i want to see happen within the church that i need to lead]

may have to wait…wait for a change of season.

if i’ve learned anything in my years of parenting it’s that the kids don’t say little for long.   their seasons keep changing too.

so in  the midst of my ever changing seasons as a father & pastor & the busyness of a packed schedule it’s easy to forget about times to rest & be still.  even it that just means insisting on closing the curtains & shutting off the phone for a few hours, being still & let God speak to us in the absence of sound & busyness.