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i have to give credit to whom i think these thoughts came from.  i believe i first heard this idea of the leak from ron martoia a bunch of years ago at a conference.  much thanks to him for first putting this into my spirit.  i then took the basic principles of that teaching & condensed it down for a student leadership camp & added a few extra pieces

“we teach what we know, we reproduce who we are.”

                                                        -John Maxwell

The Leak Defined…

The Leak is the thing that flows out of us when we are not looking…


#1   we all leak [it cannot be contained]

#2    leaking cannot be faked or fabricated long-term

#3    the leak of one can have impact, but the leak of the group impacts more

“the leak is more profound and pervasive than anything we teach.”

-ron martoia

“those positive attributes, actions, or attitudes that you model in EXCESS, those who follow you will perform in moderation.

conversely, those negative attributes, actions, or attitudes that you model even in moderation, those who follow you will perform in EXCESS.”

-Kurt & Lori Salierno

“remember your leaders, consider their way of life & imitate their faith.”

                                                                   -Hebrews 13:7

this is an issue of discipleship & leading others.

so, what are you leaking?
        is it worth following?
                are they following?

good, short conversation from jon acuff & his wife.

Quit trying to turn lead into gold. – Jon Acuff.

so it finally happened…an athlete in a major sport [football, basketball, baseball, hockey] broke his silence & said that he is gay.  first time in this country this has happened.  all of this broke mon., april29 with a sport illustrated article [here is a link to one such article].  what happens now, for the Christ-follower & the church, is highly important.  the things that we say now & how we behave has a great opportunity to reach into places we’ve often stayed away from…and stayed away at our own doing & choice. the issue of tolerance is often brought up when these kinds of conversations are had.  “you have to be tolerant of others beliefs & even their reaching-outbehaviors, otherwise you’re being judgmental!” important point: we need to be sure we understand what tolerance means.

tol·er·ance defined

1.  a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, racereligion, nationality, etc., differ from one’s own; freedom from bigotry.

2.  fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions and practices that differ from one’s own.

tolerance does not mean that i have to agree with whatever you want to do or say.  tolerance DOES mean that i respect you as a person & that you have value, even if i don’t agree with how you live your life.  this is also how we recognize what love is all about.

so, with all of that said, this is a grand time to make sure that as a Christ-follower i am reaching out to those that feel as though they may have had to hide a part of their lives.  this was a prominent part of the article about jason collins & admitting his sexuality. recently i was having a conversation with a friend of mine & our conversation ended up being about how we talk with people that believe different than us.  how do we show love, but at the same time talk with them is such a way that they know where we stand?  what we ended up saying is that our best bet is to always get back to Jesus.  always get it back to Jesus.

so in light of these recent events, we look to Jesus…

Jesus is consistently seen with the kind of people that the local church leaders did not have much patience or time for.  He’s found at their parties, not obeying the rituals of the day, ignoring the societal standards of separation.  and it ticked them off to the point of orchestrating His death. but an interesting thing emerges; those people that the church-folk didn’t like, liked Jesus; even though the church-folk were more like Him, but Jesus didn’t seem to like the church-folk very much… meaning this: Jesus seemed to want to be with those that were outside the church more than those inside the church.  i’m not why this is, but here is a possibility.  it is natural for us to become highly comfortable with people that are most like us & Jesus seemed to want to break that down.  acknowledging that His greatest desire is for us…ALL of us.  and His desire for us is shared through those that already know Him.  so i must make sure that the way i talk about this issue, & how i even feel toward those that have this life-style, is covered in the love of Christ.

may you do the same…

how we work together


something i was thinking about last week, or maybe it was the week before, or last month…i don’t remember, doesn’t really matter i guess;

but it had to do with with whom we work for & whom we work with & the process of who’s driving the boat we’re all riding in.

yes, this is a leadership issue.

when we work with people & we all, usually, at some point work for someone; when we’re pushing toward a goal or a new objective is laid out there is a realization of who’s in charge, who’s driving this thing we headed toward, this hill we’re charging.

as an aside, i think the best leaders LOVE to be well-led.  not all of us love it, just the good leaders love it.  meaning that there are some of us that push against the leadership of the moment.  the truth is that we all have ideas & thoughts about what would be best.  the best leaders love it when someone they’re following leads them well into a new direction or effort.

all of that being said, there are a couple of questions that have popped up in my head over the past few weeks/month.

something that i’ve learned in my experience of following many leaders is that the best ones don’t always have to assert that they’re the ones in charge.

so a few questions that emerge for us in relation to those that we’re following:

when there are decisions to be made for the organization or team, is it imperative for the leader to make it clear to all other team members that it’s his/her final decision?

when ideas are floated out there in the discussion phase does it seem highly important to the leader that their idea is the idea that’s chosen?

does it seem like the leaders voice is the only one that’s really heard in meetings?

these questions shouldn’t be the only ones that are asked in regards to whether you can or cannot follow this kind of leader.  but they are questions that matter for good leadership.  i think these are important questions because i don’t assume that when i go into a mtg. i’ll be the smartest person in the room.  i enter meetings & decision making sessions believing that God may have spoken to someone else whose going to be there.  and if my voice is the only one that’s heard that’s a problem

certainly, i believe that there are times when i need to be highly vocal & push for something that God has placed before the organization.  but those times are not every month & point of discussion.