recently we  have begun a discussion on what it truly means to follow Jesus, what it means to be called “Christian”, what it looks like to be a disciple.

then, as i was catching up on some reading i stumbled onto an article from the “storyline” blog; the whole article is found here.  it’s some commentary on the white flags being posted on the brooklyn bridge in NYC.  here are the last lines:

“May we raise the white flag of surrender—even if it is hard or scandalous.
May we remove our hand from the panic button, even if everyone else is pushing it. May we think before we tweet our reactions or call people names on social media.
And may we embody the Love of One who was loud in His silence, and thus be known by our love and our strange-loving Christ.”

part of our discussion last sun. centered on the idea that the foundational thing that God is asking us to do, as a disciple of His, love each other as He has loved us [jn.13:34].  and the reason that this is harder than most anything else we would do is because of the last lines of the article by john sowers above; it’s “hard & scandalous” & a thousand other words that we could place here.  and yet, it’s the very thing that God invites if we are to be known by others as one of His.

so consider the way you love this week.  not for personal gain, not for fame & recognition, not for the returned love of others.  but love out of the context that He first loved us, and then be known as one of His followers because of that love.