Jesus Christ-1484461

recently watching and interview between ed stetzer & len sweet i was reminded of how big len’s brain is.  he says things that are amazing & make theology pop & come alive.

here’s the link to the whole interview.  if you don’t have time to watch the whole 1 hour show here’s one of the highlights that i pulled.

len is always deep & he begins this interview talking about neurolinguistics.  yea, that’s where he starts!  this is the study of the weight & definition we place on words based on our history, background & then how we employ those thoughts & words.

so one of the words that he unpacks is Christos = Christ

we understand it as Jesus, the anointed One; “anointed” being connected to Christos.  we then understand “anointed One” being connected to anointing oil, which comes directly from the 1st century.

there were 2 kinds of cooking oil, christos & pistos.  the pistos is more like extra virgin olive oil; expensive, used primarily for royalty.  christos was for everyone, it was the common oil; it was like Crisco.

so when the people begin calling Him Jesus the Christ they are acknowledging that He is the Messiah for everyone.  He didn’t come for the elite & privileged.