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Snowflake Box detailrecently there’s been this thought that’s been swirling around in my head…it’s really been a continual stream of wondering:

how does the “sending nature” of the gospel show up in your life?

maybe we need to define some things first;

i think, without question, that the gospel of Jesus Christ has, at it’s root, a sending quality to it. consider the season we’re launching into right now.

Jesus comes to earth.  He leaves heaven to join us here.  He’s sent here to do what we cannot –


so in simple terms; do we believe that we are engaging that “called out” &” sending” thing that happens in the bible repeatedly?

most of us, as Christ-followers would immediately say “well, yes. i do believe that we’ve called into that kind of life.”

but here are, i think, the most important questions:

do we live like that?
do we raise our families like that?
do we work at our jobs with this in mind?
do we attend churches that speak this kind of language?

if we look at these questions & there is a little bit of guilt or heaviness that shows up,

if we want to run from this page,

if God is waking some things up inside you,

may that same God, the one who sent His Son, the One we celebrate & try hard not to forget & bypass;

may that God speak into this season & your celebrations.  may He remind you of the call He has for your life & the places He is inviting you to go.


Christos for the common man

Jesus Christ-1484461

recently watching and interview between ed stetzer & len sweet i was reminded of how big len’s brain is.  he says things that are amazing & make theology pop & come alive.

here’s the link to the whole interview.  if you don’t have time to watch the whole 1 hour show here’s one of the highlights that i pulled.

len is always deep & he begins this interview talking about neurolinguistics.  yea, that’s where he starts!  this is the study of the weight & definition we place on words based on our history, background & then how we employ those thoughts & words.

so one of the words that he unpacks is Christos = Christ

we understand it as Jesus, the anointed One; “anointed” being connected to Christos.  we then understand “anointed One” being connected to anointing oil, which comes directly from the 1st century.

there were 2 kinds of cooking oil, christos & pistos.  the pistos is more like extra virgin olive oil; expensive, used primarily for royalty.  christos was for everyone, it was the common oil; it was like Crisco.

so when the people begin calling Him Jesus the Christ they are acknowledging that He is the Messiah for everyone.  He didn’t come for the elite & privileged.

our own worst enemy

Restaurant Receipt

Justin Lee: When Christians Are Christianity’s Worst Enemy.

the link above is to an article that i’m seeing far too often!  is’s about Christians that, when eating out, instead of leaving a tip for their server they will write something regarding the server’s lifestyle [gay, lesbian] or about God getting 10%…therefore no tip is given to the server.

this is absolutely unacceptable!

we are to be Christ’s ambassadors & we end up defaming the name of the One we say we love, the One we sing about & the One we worship. we end up tearing down everything we believe in when we act in this way.  the article linked above says it really well, so i encourage you to read it.  and consider the message we send while this season of hope is upon us.

john15:12 “love each other as I have loved you.” – Jesus