dontlikerecently i was reading from numbers 11 – the israelites moving through the dessert as God was providing for them with mana.  and as people tend to get, they got board with the menu & cried out for meat, “fish, cucumbers, melons, leeks, garlic” v.5.

the text tells us that as this discontent spread through the camp they stood in the door of their tent & complained to the rest of the camp.  if you can imagine one person calling out to the neighborhood how much they hate the things they’re eating.  that thing they were eating, that they didn’t have to work for [just collect it in the morning], that thing they were eating that didn’t cost them anything, that thing they were eating that just showed up each day – that thing, they didn’t want to eat anymore.

but i saw an interesting thing in verse 4,

"the rabble with them began to crave other food..."

“the rabble” – who were the rabble?

a little research discovers that the “rabble” were people that we not linked to the nation of israel.  they were some of the “tag-alongs” coming out the slavery.  it kind of seems that they just jumped in line with the 3 million or so people that were on their way out of egypt.  so they don’t have the history with God, they’re not as connected to the promise that God had made to the people.  they’ve just heard about the “promised land”, the non-slavery & joined up on the way out of town.

now enough of the israelites were drawn into the complaining that the chorus of “i don’t like this, how ’bout you?” grew to where moses was now hearing it.

then i had this thought; am i hanging with the rabble?  or am i becoming one of the rabble?

the only way to make sure these 2 things don’t happen is to stay connected to the promises of the God.  what has God said to you that you need to keep in the front of your mind?  what are the things that God has said to characters in the bible, things that aren’t bound by time & distance, that you need to be reminded of?

through my life when i have become frustrated with God & His plans & His timing i can look back & realize that i’ve, at some point, become disconnected to His promises made to me or made to others through scripture.  when i reconnect to those promises, though the situation may not change, my perspective shifts.