hitting strideso the other day a friend of mine was telling a story of someone in his church who asked, “do you feel like you’ve finally hit your stride?”  an honest question, because when we feel like we’ve hit our stride there is a relaxed, comfortable tenor to our step.

this phrase “hitting your stride” comes out of the athletic world, not just akin to runners; but that’s where it starts.  when distance runners get to a spot in the race when the running feels almost effort-less & their body doesn’t feel taxed at all.

so this friend of mine, in response to the question “have you hit your stride?” said, “i hope i don’t ever hit my stride.”  he then went on to tell the group of us listening to this story that he’s felt in recent years of his ministry that when he hits “his stride” he’s begun to rely on his own ability, talent, etc.

in some regard he seems to be saying the work should be a little hard; it  should be a challenge, times when it’s down-right difficult & daunting.

man does that resonate with me!

not long ago i had a sense that what i was doing was well within my hands.  that i could handle what needed to be done & was fairly well-equipped to get “it” done.  and that’s when God said,

“it’s time for something new.”

whats interesting with God is that He will never let my ability overshadow Him & what He wants to do.  there is a feeling among us that God is here to make much of us.  that He’s glad to have us on His team.  He’s going to do whatever He wants.  that’s the nature of God!  the fact that He invites me to join Him i that “whatever He wants” business…well that’s just dandy.  but it’s not because i deserve it.  it’s not because i’m awesome.  it’s not for any other reason than He said, come on, join me.

so when He invites something new in my life it’s because He is wanting His glory to take center stage through something i don’t know how to do.  a thing that i’m unsure of, a task that i don’t entirely know how to complete, a job that i’m ill-equipped to accomplish.  and that’s just how He works…

...and i'm learning to love that about Him.