something i was thinking about last week, or maybe it was the week before, or last month…i don’t remember, doesn’t really matter i guess;

but it had to do with with whom we work for & whom we work with & the process of who’s driving the boat we’re all riding in.

yes, this is a leadership issue.

when we work with people & we all, usually, at some point work for someone; when we’re pushing toward a goal or a new objective is laid out there is a realization of who’s in charge, who’s driving this thing we headed toward, this hill we’re charging.

as an aside, i think the best leaders LOVE to be well-led.  not all of us love it, just the good leaders love it.  meaning that there are some of us that push against the leadership of the moment.  the truth is that we all have ideas & thoughts about what would be best.  the best leaders love it when someone they’re following leads them well into a new direction or effort.

all of that being said, there are a couple of questions that have popped up in my head over the past few weeks/month.

something that i’ve learned in my experience of following many leaders is that the best ones don’t always have to assert that they’re the ones in charge.

so a few questions that emerge for us in relation to those that we’re following:

when there are decisions to be made for the organization or team, is it imperative for the leader to make it clear to all other team members that it’s his/her final decision?

when ideas are floated out there in the discussion phase does it seem highly important to the leader that their idea is the idea that’s chosen?

does it seem like the leaders voice is the only one that’s really heard in meetings?

these questions shouldn’t be the only ones that are asked in regards to whether you can or cannot follow this kind of leader.  but they are questions that matter for good leadership.  i think these are important questions because i don’t assume that when i go into a mtg. i’ll be the smartest person in the room.  i enter meetings & decision making sessions believing that God may have spoken to someone else whose going to be there.  and if my voice is the only one that’s heard that’s a problem

certainly, i believe that there are times when i need to be highly vocal & push for something that God has placed before the organization.  but those times are not every month & point of discussion.