something interesting that has come to the surface as i’ve been working on/prep-ing & walking through the current series presidential JESUS is Jesus’ encounter with the centurion guard in matthew 8.

this has loads of political undertones!  consider the following:

the romans have taken over “the promised land” & the jews are now living in an occupied state.  for any rabbi, including Jesus, to have contact with & bring about an act of mercy; healing a sick daughter, would have brought raised some scrutiny & criticism,

“what in the world is He doing?!  doesn’t He realize that guy’s the enemy?!”

but everything that Jesus is doing in the surrounding passages connects to a larger issue in the activity of Jesus.  it would have been standard procedure to ignore or even curse the roman soldier [after all, He does that to a bush that’s not doing what it’s supposed to].

“let the roman’s daughter die!”

Jesus is talking about a 3rd way to live in a world that is corrupt & broken & ruled by corrupt & broken men & women.  this 3rd way of living revolves around matthew 5:38-40.

“don’t resist an evil person, give your coat, walk the 2nd mile…”

this move is, as Jesus helps the roman centurion, akin to a u.s. soldier being given hospitality from an iraqi during the hottest parts of the battle in iraq.  pretty interesting in how Jesus deals with this conversation & then what it says to us as we deal with the political climate of this country.

so a good question rises to the surface; what is our response to political undertakings, decisions, leaders & the rest that trickles down to us?

is our action that of resisting with all our might?

true, there are plenty of times & places that rebellion is the right action.  but i also believe that those times of grabbing the pitchforks & fire are very limited.

is our political activity one that mirrors the might & veracity of the ones we oppose?

Jesus & the kingdom He spoke of, is one that doesn’t force it’s way in the front door.  it’s one that doesn’t use the might & power at His disposal.  instead it’s one that is a bit more quiet, comes in the back door & is a bit more subtle.

and i think we’re called to a similar way of fighting the powers that be…