recently i heard someone talking about their involvement in a small group.  this group is a kind of disconnected gathering of Christians, some of whom don’t have a church home.  so this small group is, for some, the only connection to church-life they have.  and for the record, scripture is pretty clear on our need to be with one another & lean on one another.

within the group there are some that have decided that the group isn’t exactly what they’re looking for, it’s not quite the right atmosphere.

now to be fair, i didn’t talk with this couple & there could be a pile of reasons they’re disconnecting from the group; so i’m certainly not going to speculate on any of that.  but it did cause some other thoughts to rise up in me.

this approach to our relationship with others [disconnecting] can be fatal to our health in Christ for a number of reasons…

supermarket Christianity

we have become so comfortable in our lives with that ability to shop around & find the best deal on a car, tv, etc. that we end up doing this very thing in our church lives as well.  “this isn’t quite meeting my needs so we’re going to hit the road.  let’s be clear: this is different than having a philosophical difference in ministry or theology that cannot allow us to stay.  this is more about our fickle attitudes toward life in general.


i think there’s this thing that runs inside us from time to time & that is that ‘we know better. ‘   ‘don’t try & tell me how me how to do it or how it should happen, i’ve got this.’  we have a very great belief in ourselves, even when it comes to our walk with Christ.  i think that sometimes we’re not really even sure we can trust what the bible says, & we’re definitely not sure we can trust those around us.  so we disengage believing that we’re right.  this ends up being a sad choice because weather we’re right or wrong in our choices we’re alone.

lack of accountability

this is perhaps the most damaging one.  when we don’t have anyone to hold us accountable we end up running off the rails.  within the community of Christ there should be this strong sense of shared trust.  the kind of trust that gives us freedom to share life with one another.

so just to make sure i’m not talking out of my ear & here’s some biblical substance:

ephesians 5:21   “submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.”

romans 12:10  “be devoted to one another in love. honor one another above yourselves.”

these verses intimate  a close connectedness to one another through Christ.  and that really is the key.  if we’re just gathering because we like each other or have certain things in common, or we’re searching out that place of perfect relationship & content/teaching we may never get to the place of truly finding the community we’re looking for.  and that really is the truth, we’re on the hunt for community; searching it out, desiring to belong.

a quote i recently heard on espn radio was this; “if you’re waiting around for perfection you’ll be waiting forever.”

so may our fickle attitudes, our hubris, our searching for perfection not become a stumbling block to what God is trying to do in us through community.

 find a place, join up, share deeply & live life with others.