recently, as i was thinking about what it means to give our best [our best time, energy, effort, money…] there was a question that rose up within me.

“what is the most detrimental thing to us giving our best?”

i think it may be the idea that it’s good enough, that it’s just enough to get by & even make it [whatever it is we’re doing] look pretty good.  and so this is the problem: when we do something & didn’t give out best effort, presence, time, energy; and it still comes off as “well, there were some problems, but that was pretty good” that has a carry-over into other areas.  that feeling of good enough’s stick with us, and becomes hard to shake.

there is a great deal of intention-ality in breaking free from the good enough’s.  and quite honestly, as churches, we’re not always real good at breaking free of things that we’ve always done; even the good enough’s.  there has to be a good deal of conversation & question asking, questions like: are we doing this because we really feel like this is the best use of our resources? [tough question because it requires us to examine why we’re doing what we’re doing] –  is this event, effort, service/worship gathering meeting the needs of those we’re trying to reach?  or are we just trying to make the givers of the church happy? [this was an actual conversation i witnessed with church leaders] – is this thing we’re spending money on, asking volunteers to spend time on reflective of the mission we’re pursuing? [sadly, many organizations/churches don’t know what their mission is & never ask this kind of question]

reasons why the good enough has a hold…

maybe we’re addicted to our free time & what we want to do.  & to raise the bar, do it better, put forth greater effort requires more work than we’ve been willing to give in the past.

maybe we don’t want to give up the little more money it would require to do “it” better.  this can be a tough one for us to hear; and this one comes from both the leadership of an organization right on down to our personal finances.  for many of us giving money toward something that directly benefits us, even if it’s a significant amount of money, is something that we just do.  some of us don’t even think about it…i know i don’t.  but when we’re confronted with things or options that seem a little more abstract or stretch us into places we’ve not been, our grip gets a little tighter.

the truth of this is that it begins with us.  we cannot expect that our church or organization will simply change if we are unwilling; weather we see ourselves as leaders or not.  the next time i’m confronted with an option of joining something or giving more of myself to something, a thing i believe in & want to be a part of, i’m praying that i might be reminded of God’s request for our very best.  when 1st century jews made sacrifices to God it was to be the best they had.  didn’t have to be the biggest in the neighborhood, didn’t have to be the world’s most valuable commodity it simply had to be the best that family had to offer.  it was a trust that God would provide in the future for what the family needed.  it meant that we believed that God had our best in mind no matter the circumstances.

working to get past the good enough’s