so i’m willing to admit that i have learned to play the game well.  that is to say that when i see someone that may have wronged me, or offended me in some way i have convinced myself & even made myself believe that everything is ok.  but have my words really become a part of who i am; do i believe it in my heart?

the thing about the law; public law [things held up in court] they allow us to be civil; to not have violence & retribution swing out of control.  but the law doesn’t help us deal with our heart; that’s not it’s purpose, not what it was designed to do.

so when Jesus is talking about an “eye for an eye” & “loving your enemy” he’s dealing with a heart issue.  and  pride.  and this is where it gets tough.  we’ve become convinced that if we let go of our hurt & pain that “they” somehow win.  we’re left looking like a fool because we’ve been willing to move on with our lives & not be held captive by the past.  or that we let them off the hook & they should continue to suffer & carry the guilt of what they did for the rest of their lives.

when we agree to lay down our weapons of a hateful heart, malicious feelings toward another it gets right at our pride.  when we can let God do what He does best: restore, recover, repair [sorry, i didn’t mean to illiterate] & rehabilitation.  to live a life that’s different from where it began, to invest again with dignity.

is this you?  is this me?  sometimes i wonder…