recently i’ve been thinking about the difficulty of relationships & how that plays out in the life of the church. 

on my facebook page there is a new video entitled “the DAILY mission [march 22,2012]” that deals with this issue, just click the pic to the right to check it out.

one of the things that i’m realizing is that within the church we can be very good @ keeping quiet about things that bother us, tension that exists in our relationship.  when we keep quiet there are several things that can happen, come to the surface.

1 – it gives rise to the status quo

if there is an issue at work in the church and we don’t say anything about it, weather it be a personal issue or a larger organizational issue, there becomes this unspoken thing that exists: don’t rock the boat.  chances are, if you see something that isn’t quite right someone else sees the same thing.  within the status quo there is no openness & honesty.   maintaining the the status quo is the only thing that matters, so do what’s necessary to not ripple the water.

2 – challenges God’s vision for the kingdom

when we speak up & are willing to be open & honest with one another it, by default, does not allow us to be isolated.  we are forced into community.  this reveals the fact that God came to dwell in & among us.  we then recognize the presence of the holy spirit & His activity in our lives, & we then are called to come along side of others as well.

the continual challenge is to be open & honest with one another, telling the truth in love, not harboring bad feelings & treating one another with love, honesty & respect.

we would do well to reflect out the words of paul in 2cor.5:19, living lives of reconciliation.