recently i saw a poster dealing with the precarious issue of gays in the military, showing the classic pic of a military man kissing a woman in a white uniform [nurse perhaps] then 2 other pics beside it.  2 men kissing, 2 women kissing.  the caption was to the effect of freedom that’s  protected by military should be honored at home in their right to choose whom they are with.

in church circles especially this issue is a hot button.  a prime scripture that’s referenced is from rom.1:18-32.  as a refresher, paul is writing about the sexual perversion that’s taking place in that city & in the church.

these verses are absolutely true!

HOWEVER, when we toss these verses around [& i don’t mean “toss” in a manner not be-fitting scripture] it gives fuel to the fire that “Christians are on a crusade to tell us how bad our lives are.” it also communicates the idea the God doesn’t love them. important point also, paul is writing to the church in rome, jews & gentiles. so does that mean that we speak differently to church folk, who should know better [v.21 for although they knew God…] as opposed to the not-yet-Christian? i think yes.

i don’t want to be guilty of stoking the fire of judgement. accountability with those i have relationship, yes.

i think it’s so important to tell the truth, even when it hurts & people may not agree & we may loose friends.  so don’t read what i’m not writing here!  what i am saying is that truth is best heard when there is relationship to back it up.  and even then, the truth may not be heard.  but the truth is still the truth…