check out the link above, watch the video & then come back…

this is SO important for the church [any Christ-follower] to realize.

the church, at large, is finding itself at odds with a younger generation of students & young adults that don’t believe the church is for them.  it’s not just a difference in musical preference or even theology [although that reality is coming to the forefront].  at the beginning of this realization, it’s a struggle for power; and this younger generation simply says, “if you want to fight for this church, the way it’s configured, you can keep it.”

for so many in this next generation there’s not a willingness to fight for something that seems outdated, uninteresting & disconnected from the world.  “so”, they might say, “you can keep it.”

there is a shift coming whether we want it or not, whether we’re ready for it or not.

do we embrace this shift & celebrate this new thing that God is doing?  or do we simply continue to fight it & say “no, no!  this is what God looks like.  this is what He’s doing.  come do it like this!”